We are inspired by normal people who demonstrate LOVE>FEAR. Our purpose is to tell their stories with the hope that more people will follow their example. The world is a scary place. We don’t deny that, nor do we aspire to stop it.

However, the simple existence of fear doesn’t mean it has to win.

Our stories aren’t about fearless people, but about regular people who refuse to let their fears stop them. Of course they’re afraid, but they overcome their fear with love (this is why). We think you’ll be impacted by hearing their stories and maybe even inspired to follow their example. That’s why this initiative exists.

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Our Request:

We believe that stories are powerful! LOVE>FEAR exists to leverage the power of those stories to encourage people. With that said, we aren’t just looking for the stories that make headlines, feature the famous and powerful, or are the unimaginable tales of distant heroes. We want stories about normal people who demonstrate LOVE>FEAR. We want your stories! If you know a story of someone who exercises LOVE>FEAR, we believe that story has the power to help people, and we hope very much that you’ll share that story with us.

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