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Love without reward: laying life, limb, and kidney on the line

This story was submitted to LOVE>FEAR by lovegreater reader and follower Cheryl Shoffstall. Upon learning of from a friend, Cheryl checked out our stories and decided that she had a story to contribute too. Below is the powerful story of sacrifice and love of a kidney donor who freely chose to step up and […]

Love Your Enemies: Finding God Amongst the Captors

  Some words of Jesus are comforting— they soothe our struggling souls. Some are confusing—they make us think and ponder. Then there are other sayings of Jesus that are clear and understandable, but difficult—they rub hard against our very nature and challenge us in ways we’d rather not be challenged. Perhaps the hardest of these […]

LOVE>fear of being stabbed in arm and life being drained into a bag

The LOVE>FEAR Blood Drive held yesterday, March 24th at Maryville Vineyard Church was an incredible success! All 60 slots were filled prior to the drive, and there were multiple walk-ins from the community who donated. MEDIC was extremely pleased with the results, as they were able to collect 51 pints of usable blood from the […]