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Even a child makes himself known by his acts.

Proverbs 20:11

Maryville Vineyard has started a new ministry called Kids Helping Kids. Throughout the year we are going to be doing lots of fun projects with the Vineyard children on the last Sunday of every month. All of the projects will be done to benefit the Child of Purpose Children’s Village in Haiti.

The Kids Helping Kids ministry started in late 2013 and kicked off with a wonderful bake sale to raise money to make personalized photo books for the children in the orphanage, many of whom have never had a picture printed of himself or herself. We were able to include pictures that captured special memories of them with their friends.

The response to the bake sale was a great success and our team created a “Prayer Tree,” which includes a photo of each child at the orphanage in Haiti, as well as our missionaries, Josh and Amanda Armstrong. The tree has a prominent place on the stage of the K-5th grade classroom at the Maryville Vineyard, so that pictures of all the children are easily seen and remembered.

Throughout the year, we will be sharing information about all 28 children living in the Child of Purpose orphanage in Haiti to the children in our kids classrooms on Sunday mornings. (Be sure to visit the link to read quick facts about the orphanage as well as see pictures of the beautiful kids there!) Each child’s picture and information such as their favorite color, dream jobs, talents, and birthdays are displayed. We are sharing simple phrases in Haitian Creole, teaching about missions and missionaries, and helping the children to locate Haiti on a map.

In January, the Kids Helping Kids team kicked off the year by collecting information about our own Vineyard kids, as the children in the orphanage want to learn more about their peers in our church. The kids at the Vineyard also learned that 6-8 children will be assigned to their small groups. They will be doing projects to specifically help those individual children.


In February, we provided an opportunity for the Vineyard children to each pick out one small birthday gift for a child at the orphanage. All 28 kids at the orphanage will receive these special gifts on the day their birthday is celebrated. (These were sent over with the Maryville Christian School missionary team in late February and will be given to the child on his or her birthday.) The Vineyard children got to enclose special cards for their child. The boys especially enjoyed this task because they decided to send their cards in the form of paper airplanes!

The enthusiastic response by the children of Maryville Vineyard has been heartwarming. They are eager to learn about the children of the orphanage and to pray for them.

We are teaching the children to be mission minded and letting them know that just because they are young does not mean that they cannot make a difference in the life of others.

In March, the Kids Helping Kids team taught the kids at Maryville Vineyard about four more of the children at the Child of Purpose Orphanage. So far, we have learned about 12 of the different children that currently live in the orphanage in Haiti.

For our special project in March, the Vineyard kids made “secret messages” to send to our friends at the orphanage. Each child will receive their own set of watercolors to “decode” the messages! In order for us to create the messages, the kids got to learn how to say some phrases in Creole. So far, the Vineyard kids have learned how to say seven different phrases in Creole.

In April, we will be teaching the Vineyard kids about good health habits and the things needed to maintain proper health. Throughout the month of April, we will be collecting various healthcare and household items to send to the Child of Purpose Orphanage in Haiti. We will complete our month by packing up the donated items and sending them to Haiti. If you feel led to give any of the items, please feel free to drop them in the donation box in Maryville Vineyard church.


The Kids Helping Kids team is very excited for the year ahead and we have many wonderful, fun and exciting service projects planned. If you would like to find out more information or if you would like to help out, please email Sara Ferguson at and follow Maryville Vineyard Kids on Facebook!

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