LOVE>fear of being stabbed in arm and life being drained into a bag

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The BloodMobile parked in front of Maryville Vineyard

The LOVE>FEAR Blood Drive held yesterday, March 24th at Maryville Vineyard Church was an incredible success! All 60 slots were filled prior to the drive, and there were multiple walk-ins from the community who donated. MEDIC was extremely pleased with the results, as they were able to collect 51 pints of usable blood from the drive. MEDIC coordinator shared this with us after the drive via email:

AMAZING!!!!!  Thank you to Maryville Vineyard—we collected 51 pints of blood.

Cannot thank you enough for promoting this and getting this kind of participation.   Maryville Vineyard must be one special place!

Thank you, Christi

For the majority of the day, lines to donate were a few people deep. MEDIC usually only stays on site for 7 1/2 hours, but for our drive, they had to stay an extra hour and a half in order to get the donations from all the volunteers. On top of that, the MEDIC workers were extremely grateful for the way they were treated during the drive and repeatedly told us “thank you,” for being such a great host site. And that’s thanks to all you, who were amazing donors.

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What is most incredible about the turnout, though, is that many of the people who donated with us were donating for the first time. They were donating now, not because they were excited to have a needle stuck in their arm and blood drained from their body, but because it was a fear of theirs that they wanted to overcome with love. It was incredible to watch the process, as prior to giving, many were white-faced and afraid, but afterwards, they were found smiling, joyous, and empowered. Love truly became greater than fear when people were willing to step out for the love of others and sacrifice their own fears.

LOVE>FEAR would like to thank everyone who donated and showed true love at Maryville Vineyard this Sunday. We would also like to thank MEDIC for being wonderful and easy to work with. All in all, the people who showed LOVE>FEAR this weekend have made a serious life-changing impact in our community. The blood that was donated and collected has the potential to save 200+ lives.

Many who gave found that stepping out in LOVE>FEAR has more than just the life-changing potential for others. I think many donors found that the life-changing impact was felt very strongly in their own lives, as well. When love is allowed to rule the day and fear is pushed aside, nobody is left unchanged.

So let us know about your experience giving blood with LOVE>FEAR this weekend, or let us know of other ways to get people involved in showing LOVE>FEAR. You can leave a comment below, or you can contact us via the “Your Ideas” contact page. We want to hear your stories and ideas!!!

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