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The Man Who Walked into the Hornet’s Nest: a story of love found in the most unlikely place

After years of dealing with the old managers, trust me, I’m cynical “Nursing moms and newborns are the people I do battle for. So when I showed up at the apartment Thursday morning, Kelsi and I were pretty upset. There were workers out there getting stuff done, but a note in each resident’s door said […]

Fear of Future?

These are times of political change conflict, economic uncertainty, and armed conflict. People all over the world share a common concern for their safety and security, but most find themselves filled with worry and uncertainty. Good news seems difficult to find, and those who deliver the news from across the globe to our living room […]

Wherever He Leads

   I’m not afraid to die Mairline, fighting disease and struggling to survive, decided she had to see the simple church she had heard about. She hoped to find someone who would actually care about her. She had been living in a nearby tent city known for its deplorable living conditions, even by Haitian standards. […]