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The Man Who Walked into the Hornet’s Nest: a story of love found in the most unlikely place

After years of dealing with the old managers, trust me, I’m cynical “Nursing moms and newborns are the people I do battle for. So when I showed up at the apartment Thursday morning, Kelsi and I were pretty upset. There were workers out there getting stuff done, but a note in each resident’s door said […]

Love without reward: laying life, limb, and kidney on the line

This story was submitted to LOVE>FEAR by lovegreater reader and follower Cheryl Shoffstall. Upon learning of lovegreater.org from a friend, Cheryl checked out our stories and decided that she had a story to contribute too. Below is the powerful story of sacrifice and love of a kidney donor who freely chose to step up and […]

Shout Out! Freely in Hope

“Freely in Hope is dedicated to restoring justice, dignity and hope by liberating women and their families from the bondages of poverty. Our vision is for women worldwide to experience God’s transformative love by living freely in Hope.” Freely In Hope’s/Nikole’s Story Freely in Hope was founded by Nikole Lim after she shot the documentary While […]

Shout Out! Sevenly.org

What is Sevenly? Sevenly was founded in June of 2011 with the goal of enabling people to connect with, support, and become participants with non-profits across the world. As their website says, they had the vision of “leading a generation towards generosity.” People matter, and Sevenly wants to provide the connections between people who have […]

The Time Is Now

Eyes Opened: The Beginning of a Vision “[When we lived in Seattle] we were really faced with homelessness for the first time,” Donna Williams, wife of Feed Your Faith founder Mike Williams, told me. “Back then, Mike would say, ‘What can we do? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could rent out the Tacoma Dome […]

Shoeshiner donates $200,000 to children, one dollar at a time

“For 32 years, Lexie has been examining his schedule each morning, like a doctor on the clock. But the longtime shoe shiner’s gift isn’t healing, it’s giving back. A shoe shine costs $5, but Lexie said customers have been generous with their tips since he started working at the hospital in 1981. “Most of them […]