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Love>Fear in Haiti: Kids, Missions, and FREEDOM

God has been doing a mighty work in Haiti in the past few months through the Maryville Vineyard’s partnership with Josh and Amanda Armstrong of Reach Haiti Ministries. Lives are being restored, children are being saved from abject conditions, people are being brought to Christ, and God’s love is being lavished on the people of […]

What a Hard-Working Person Can Do

“It’s 5 a.m., in the midst of complete darkness, and members of the Pentecostal Church of God in Batey Magdalena are gathered in one of the dusty streets of this sugarcane-cutting community. Worshiping the Lord, they pray for spiritual healing for their people. Claudio, now a civil engineering graduate through our Leadership Development Program, is […]

North Carolina businessman takes risks for the Gospel in Central Asia

‘No foreigners beyond this point’ “‘No foreigners beyond this point,’ reads the sign in a remote area of a Central Asian country. Paul Hart* notices it just as the motorcycle he is riding blows past. ‘They knew I was a foreigner,’ the 48-year-old entrepreneur recalls. ‘Foreigners are the only ones who wear helmets.’ Fortunately for […]

Love Your Enemies: Finding God Amongst the Captors

  Some words of Jesus are comforting— they soothe our struggling souls. Some are confusing—they make us think and ponder. Then there are other sayings of Jesus that are clear and understandable, but difficult—they rub hard against our very nature and challenge us in ways we’d rather not be challenged. Perhaps the hardest of these […]