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Love Your Enemies: Finding God Amongst the Captors

  Some words of Jesus are comforting— they soothe our struggling souls. Some are confusing—they make us think and ponder. Then there are other sayings of Jesus that are clear and understandable, but difficult—they rub hard against our very nature and challenge us in ways we’d rather not be challenged. Perhaps the hardest of these […]

Shout Out! Freely in Hope

“Freely in Hope is dedicated to restoring justice, dignity and hope by liberating women and their families from the bondages of poverty. Our vision is for women worldwide to experience God’s transformative love by living freely in Hope.” Freely In Hope’s/Nikole’s Story Freely in Hope was founded by Nikole Lim after she shot the documentary While […]

Chaplains bring jumpers back from cliff’s edge in England

  This story absolutely blew us away when we came to it. It’s such an incredible  LOVE>FEAR story! This chaplain and his team of Christians from all walks of life and denominations have joined together to rescue people on the verge of committing suicide. What’s most impressive is that many of these people, and the […]